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My name is Ben Deschenes… in 2011, i started having problems on internet after buying a product from Michael Rogers…

The Quebec Provincial Police did look into it…. Actually, they did nothing. They refused to look into it. Since, i had been investigating internet myself.

It first started with MarkMonitor. They had told others to close one of my website on suspecious activities of “phishing” 3 American banks .

After questioning MarkMonitor, i realized that they were into “bullshit” activities. MarkMonitor could not even provide any proofs or 1 single documents. I also had no business with MarkMonitor. Well, you could search MarkMonitor on my site . You could also search for Te Smith ( ex-vice-president communications at MarkMonitor).

So, i then realized all the bullshit with them.

Then , my others websites got vandalized over and over by hackers…

So, since the police didn’t want to look into it.. i started doing my own investigation… it was in 2011.. ..

i started to find some subdomains where i was slandered…such as this next image with GoDaddy, the no.1 accredited registrar in the world. ( you can search for Ben Deschenes on my site to see more.

As i did,, i came across of stuffs like ….

and much more.. in fact, i had study them… As i did,,, i was able to figure out how , who and why behind those subdomains.

Here is how some people where able to fooled everyone…

So again, my name is Ben Deschenes.

BTW, for now, just going to give you the big lines.. you bet that some people will need to answer to what they did to me, to you and to everyone else who believes in liberty , freedom and equal justice for everyone!

So, those people… they like to create subdomains…to confused you all.

To connect multiple domains (network… btw, they are into click-fraud and much more )… they have “keyphrases”…

For an example, they created “Ben-Deschenes-is-an-idiot”…

Remember our friend Daniel Negari?

The domain “” is owned by Daniel Negari, who’s the CEO and founder of

So, you got those “keyphrases” such as “Ben-deschenes_is-an-idiot”…

The domain is owned by Frank Schilling, CEO and founder of

Both are part of a network… click-fraud and more . They are not alone… i had identify a lot of people involved.

In fact, all this has been covered.

So, how could you be fooled by them?

You could create as much as subdomains that you want… Frank Schilling’s a specialist..

in the example up ,,, each subdomain is separated by a dot…

Well, we can discuss Frank another time.. you can also search my website .. all posts are related to this same story.

So, Ben Deschenes is an

How could you be confused? Remember, they can create as much as subdomains as they want.

So, you could probably find “”


First. drop the keyphrase “ben deschenes is an idiot”.. you will now have “”.

sushicones is a subdomain of “”

The owner is Scott Day of DigiMedia. you can search my site for him. and see his picture as well.

There is also more to Scott Day… i won’t show you.. but he also owns “”… imagine he could be creating “” and confused you with “james-comey-…”…

Scott Day also owns “” … he could create subodmains like … and confused you with

Scott Day ain’t alone involved… in this fraud business..

Also, if you do visit my site.. you will see that i talk about “iamTooDumbToSetUpDNS”…. I also was able to connect Scott Day to it…

Don’t worry… be happy! i also was able to understand those iamtoodumbtosetupdns with them… networks of fools! i will get back to it later on.

Scott Day is the biggest traitor of America on internet..

I will show you more later on…

So, since 2011,,, i had been investigating internet myself as the police refused to see about it… and then, since 2015.. i am fighting against the corrupt BAR of Quebec and my ex-fraudulant lawyer ; Catherine Sénéchal and also against ICANN.

You won’t believe all hard they work to silence me. I don’t even feel in security in Quebec. The justice is more than corrupted. They don’t like that i exposed them. They had been refusing to help me . They don’t give a shit about me, about you and anyone else except themselves! That is how they are able to continued their dirty business… between themselves…protecting themselves…

Support Donald Trump against the Deep state… and protect me against the corrupt BAR and their lawyers. In Quebec, the justice protect the criminals!

I ask everyone of you to support us and take the streets against the deep state corruption.

Ben Deschenes