Catherine Sénéchal is a hypocrite person. She is also the worst lawyer that you could meet. Do yourself a big favor, don’t do business with Catherine Sénéchal. She is a dishonest lawyer.

I will exposed her at

For a short story, Catherine Senenchal is a laywer that i had retained to help me out to sue ICANN and some of their friends. All of them are “accredited registrar” of ( internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers) . You can also follow this link to check out on ICANN

Unfortunally, Catherine Sénéchal is a dishonest person and a terrible lawyer. Do yourself a favor, don’t do business with her. Find yourself another lawyer if you can. In my case, the lawyers had refused to help me. In fact, in Quebec, the justice is a business and the lawyers don’t really give a shit about their customers.. it s how they make money!

So, i started to exposed her dirty business practice. She did not like it. She did send me a first lawsuit on December 27th 2017. You can read this article about it… Catherine Sénéchal is very dishonest.

Well, Catherine is really one dishonest person and lawyer.

See this… Catherine Sénéchal and her lawyer initiate a lawsuit against me for exposing their dirty business online , here on

She and her lawyer ; Richard Raymond negociate a settlement with me. Catherine Sénéchal is such a terrible lawyer, that her lawsuit against me turned out that she will refund me $500 for her dirty business.

For two months, they made me believe they will send me the payment!

So, on April 4th 2018, after waiting for almost 2 months for the payment from those crooked lawyers, i wrote to Richard Raymond to ask him when will the payment come in?

To this, Richard Raymond wrote back on April 5th 2018 that he did his job of negociation and the responsability of making the payment is to Catherine Sénéchal.


And Richard Raymond says the case is closed!

Do you know why i never received their payment? They are crooked lawyers and had not intention in making the payment. Catherine Sénéchal is an incompetent lawyer and a pathetic liar.

Well, here is the answer… probably Richard Raymond was not aware, but on April 4th 2018, the day before his answer, the crooked lawyer ; Catherine Sénéchal sent me an second lawsuit for the same reason.

Wow! How hypocrite can you be ??? Catherine Sénéchal says that i was bad faith in negociation between her and his lawyer ; Richard Raymond.

She says that i was bad faith because i did not want to sign their ridiculous settlement.

Well,, the crocked lawyer ; Catherine Senenchal should know that i told her lawyer that i wasn’t going to sign their scrap. ( Basically, Catherine Sénéchal wanted me to sign that i won’t sue her in the future and that i was giving her the rights to sue me in the future… how retard can it be???

I did told his lawyer ; Richard Raymond on February 1st 2018… to that Richard Raymond told me that we couldn’t get a settlement if i didn’t signed!

For sure, i wasn’t going to sign their garbage…So, Richard Raymond told me that he will see with the crooked lawyer ; Catherine Sénéchal. On February 3rd, he told me that he was still waiting for an answer from Catherine Sénéchal is she will agree.

Richard Raymond also mentioned that Catherine Sénéchal agree on making the payment that we negociate.

He also informed me that Catherine Sénéchal has no recording of the call with ICANN’s lawyer ; Jeffrey Levee.

Meanwhile, me and Richard Raymond we talk.. i was trying to sell him “ads space” on … so, we are talking about it on February 5th 2018…

He also talks about a website that i did for Catherine Senenchal ( and this for fun as her website was actually terrible and need a make up work.. i did it for fun and i was very nice)…

Richard Raymond also mention that he is not making any money from Catherine Sénéchal even if he put a lot of time into this “dirty” practice lawsuit from the crooked lawyer Catherine Senenchal…

On February 8th , Richard Raymond write to me and tells me that he talked with Catherine Sénéchal this morning and she would like to modify the agreement on the first lawsuit as she would also like to retained my service to manage her website ( did i told you i did a free website for her for fun? )

Richard Raymond that they were amazed by my work. And, they want to double the payment to $1000 instead of $500 like we did negociated!

The same day, in the afternoon.. finally, Richard Raymond notify me that Catherine Sénéchal agree that she will send me the payment and we won’t need to signe any document!

So, the only thing left was for Catherine Sénéchal to make her payment… And again, late at night, i wrote to Richard Raymond and told him a few things about improving his stats ( visitors) .. He was so please by it that he tells me to give him a price for the work.. and they will added to the $500

I even gave more things or suggestions for his website… to this , he was very please by what i know about internet…and all this for free!

So, i was still waiting for the payment from Catherine Senechal… and, i was going to do her a website for free just to help her out because she is pathetic!

On February 12th, 2018, Richard Raymond tells me that Catherine Sénéchal will contact me soon to make arrangements for her website.

So, i waited for the payment …

And waited…

So, the same day, February 20th 2018, Richard Raymond tells me that Catherine Sénéchal will make the payment soon.

So, i waited until April 4th 2018.. remember Richard Raymond what he told me on April 5th 2018? Read back up or see below … he says that he did his part and wasn’t responsable for making the payement and the case closed!

See again…

Now, after reading this… do you think Catherine Sénéchal was honest or i dishonest?

So, Catherine Sénéchal initiate a lawsuit with Richard Raymond against me on December 27th 2017. We negociated a settlement ( nobody twisted their arms).. they agree to a refund. They made me believe for 2 months that they will give me the money but never did! And, because Catherine Sénéchal is such a terrible and dishonest person and lawyer she wasn’t happy with her owns negociation on a lawsuit she first initiated .. she send me a 2nd lawsuit on April 4th 2018 because she accused me of been of bad faith in the negociation!!!

Catherine Sénéchal is a terrible and dishonest lawyer and person.. do yourself a favor .. don’t do business with her.

And when i complaint to the the Syndi(cate) of the crooked BAR of Qc about Catherine Senehchal … they lie to protect her! They will also be exposed! Ain’t that right Guylaine Mallette? Guy Bilodeau? Pierre Despatis? I will also exposed each of them corrupt lawyers at the Syndic(ate).

Catherine Sénéchal even sent me an notice on February 21th 2018… and do mention the payement of $500…

She confirmed that she made an “interac” payement.. .. I told her about 3 times that i don’t accept interac.. stupid as she is…

See … stupid.. i don’t take Interac! stop trying!!!

later, she wrote me that it doesn’t work!… i know stupid… i told yo 3 times!!! Catherine Sénéchal probably only understand German.. she really don’t understand nothing!!!

So, as this day… 7 months later.. i still haven’t got my money! it s causing me more prejudice! The BAR is complice as well. I want my money so i can deposit a lawsuit against the BAR of QC for discrimination and abuse of power and more.. The BAR has been also playing game with me since 2015 starting with Claudia Prémont.

Imagine this.. after a few attempts.. Catherine Sénéchal finally understood that i will accept Paypal… March 6th 2018…

Guess what.. they tried.. both.. Richard Raymond and Catherine Sénéchal but both always all kind of problems with Paypal… strangely,, nobody else except them had problem with Paypal.

So, on March 11th. The lawyer Richard Raymond suggest that they pay me in cash…

On March 14th 2018, he offer me again to pay me in cash…

Then, i suggest that they make the payment by check…

And imagine this.. on MArch 23rd 2018.. i was told making the payment is the easy part…

So, i waited. and waited.. 9 months later.. i still haven’t got my money! The BAR is protecting her..

And as you will find out soon… he 2nd lawsuit dated April 4th 2018… she didn’t had more success with me.

Catherine Senechal is a dishonest this day.. in October, she went to the police to get me arrested! I t was settled.. Catherine Senechal is abusing with the complicity of the BAR of Quebec.

And guess what else.. she sent another lawsuit against me.. the third one.. for the same reason of the first one…

and this with the same lawyer ; Richard Raymond.

Do you think they are honest? Well, i had notify Richard Raymond to send me money by Friday.. And for their game.. , they might be accused of “fraud” and “abuse of power.”

You see, how the justice is crooked in Quebec by a bunch of lawyers? I will keep you up to date on this! You can bet on me, that Catherine Sénéchal will answer for her abuses and dirty game and she won’t be alone that will need to answer.Please boycott the province of Quebec.