Catherine Senechal – Introduction

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In April 2017, i had meet with the lawyer Catherine Sénéchal and her associate ; Mathieu Farazandeh,  in order to initiate a lawsuit against and friends.

Well, not only Catherine Sénéchal is an incompetent and a dishonest lawyer, but she is also a terrible liar.    I will expose her here so you can all see why you should not do business with her.  She is a fraudster.

I will also be posting all documents related to  this crooked lawyer ; Catherine Sénéchal.  You can see the documents and back-ups here.

Please take in consideration that Catherine Sénéchal may have psychologic and mental problems as she denied her own statement and also her own lawyer.

In fact, on December 27th 2017, Catherine Sénéchal sent me an intention of lawsuit against me for exposing her work here on my previous website’s version ( before it got hacked)…  Here is a copy of her intention of a lawsuit...

It turned out that , after negociation between me , her and her lawyer.   She did agree to refund me the money she over charged me (fraud).  Then, Catherine Sénéchal told me she was going to make the payment… for 2 months.  The payment never came in. She got all kind of “problems” as she says… In fact, she was lying..  She never had any intention to make her payment.  She was trying to shut me down.  So, we will exposed her again.

Then, as Catherine Sénéchal don’t respect her own settlement, she did sent me another “intention of lawsuit” on April 4th 2018 with full of lies.  We will show you later, one by one.  You can see a copy here.

Well, with my legendary good manners, i told her again to go screw herself.

Catherine Sénéchal really don’t like to be exposed. So, last month, October 2018, she went complaining to the police that i was sending her emails.  In fact, i was sending her proofs and showing her how terrible a liar she is…putting the truth in her face.  You can imagine that she don’t like it.  It’s very frustrating for a liar like Catherine Sénéchal to see the truth in front of her face..  so , she went crying to the police.  I did recorded the conversation with the police officer.  And, yes i will post it here eventually so you can listing to it.  Some people do have time to waste.

So, i will be exposing this crooked lawyer that Catherine Sénéchal is.  I will also be exposing the corrupted justice in Quebec.  You will also see how they are corrupted in Quebec and probably elsewhere?  The justice protect the criminals and themselves!

Meanwhile, i had notify Catherine Senechal of a “intention of lawsuit” against her…  She has 10 days to make her payment before i take more legal actions against her.  BTW, the corrupt “syndic” of Quebec’s Bar, Guy Bilodeau… is protecting her.  We will also expose him and his staff of crooks as well.  The Quebec’s BAR is also under investigation for fraud.


The corrupt justice in Quebec – part 1



So, here is what is waiting for this crooked lawyer ; Catherine Sénéchal.



If you want to ask her questions, Catherine Sénéchal can be reach at her office at ;


Do yourself a favor…  don’t ever hire Catherine Sénéchal as your lawyer..  She is a fraudster and a very bad lawyer!  It’s believe that she is also a pathologic liar.