Google are hypocrites

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You might know that is owned by Google.

Well, YouTube has suspended one of my video because the content is inappropriate. It’s an audio-recordings between myself and a police officer.

The police officer called me after my ex-fraudulent lawyer went to see them. My ex-lawyer ; Catherine Sénéchal is trying very hard to silence me from exposing her dirty business practice and her incompetence.

Do yourself a big favor, don’t do business with the lawyer Catherine Sénéchal .. she is a terrible liar and an incompetent lawyer.

I am exposing her… you can visit

In fact, the corrupt Syndic(ate) is protecting her by lying and by not doing a honest job.  

Well, you can visit and see there is a lot of videos with cops.  You can even find porn videos on YouTube.  And after all, it’s myself having a conversation with a cop… there is nothing wrong!  

And, talking about crooks.. you might want to check out Google… click on their logo below…

So, they suspended my owns recordings of a conversation with a cop… because it s not appropriate content???

The video was on this post…

So, if you did not listing to the conversation between myself and the police officer ; M. Couillard from the Montreal Police Services..about my fraudulent ex-lawyer; Catherine Sénéchal.. you can listing to it by click the link below…

And talking about YouTube… it ain’t always working properly…all the time!

You can even find “porn” on YouTube…