Guylaine Mallette

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Did you knew that Guylaine Mallette, vice-syndic(alist) at the Quebec’s Bar Syndic is in conflict of interest?

Guylaine Mallette , as vice-syndic(alist) at the Quebec’s BAR Syndic(ate) is also actually president of the Quebec’s lawyers association under “Local 571”.

Guylaine Mallette can not do a honest job. In fact, she doesn’t! Guylaine Mallete is a very dishonest lawyer like most of them at the Quebec’s BAR.

Guylaine Mallette and others at the Syndic(ate) make incomplete, false and dishonest report to protect crooked lawyers. Don’t even waste your time with them.

The justice system in Quebec is corrupted and run by a mafia of lawyers! The justice system is a racket.

The government of Quebec don’t work for their citizen neither!

So, you see why Pierre is right when he says the Syndic(ate) of the Quebec’s BAR is covering the crooked lawyers. Pierre is entirely right!