Paul-Mathieu Grondin

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Did you knew that the head of the Quebec Bar ; Paul-Mathieu Grondin decided to cut down his salary by 25% ($80,000) back in 2017?

What a nice guy this Paul-Mathieu Grondin!

Well, do you know why he gave part of his salary? Here is why….

Paul-Mathieu Grondin and the other members of the board of administrators of the Quebec BAR ( ) claimed $800 for each meeting they did instead of what they are supposed to get ; $300.

It was well published in news papers…

Did you actually taught that Paul-Mathieu Grondin wanted to cut down on his salary of $370,000 yearly to give to the another insignifiant committee of the Quebec BAR?

No… The laws are not applicable the same way to most of the people. The lawyers protect themselves between themselves. In Quebec, the justice is a big racket and business for people that called themselves ; lawyer.

In Quebec, there is no justice. There is democracy. The justice system is corrupted and benefit only the rich to protect themselves. The laws are make by them, for them.

The justice is a racket from some corrupt elite to control the citizens.

So, Paul-Mathieu Grondin was protected by the corrupt justice that he is part of it. In fact, Paul-Mathieu Grondin is a puppet of the system.

Paul-Mathieu Grondin don’t give a shit about the citizens. The Bar of Quebec is in conflict of interest and do not work for the interest of the citizens but for their members ; the lawyers.

I have wrote many times to Paul-Mathieu Grondin to exposed him all the corruption.. Don’t worry! He hasn’t wrote back. Paul-Mathieu Grondin don’t give a shit about me, yourself or anyone else , except for one of their mafia member.

We are collecting those “reading confirmation” from him…

See, we do know that the Syndic(ate) of the Quebec BAR doesn’t read their emails when you complaint about a crooked lawyer…

And, a few that Paul-Mathieu Grondin has read…

Imagine this… the mission of the BAR is the protection of citizen… what a joke! They don’t give a shit about citizen. They don’t even listing to citizen..

We could go on and on… Paul-Mathieu Grondin is part of the corrupt justice system in Quebec. Don’t expect much form him or any of them at the Quebec BAR.

And guess, the government of Quebec all knows about it… Yes, you got it right.. they don’t work neither for the citizens…