Quebec’s Human Rights Commission

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Do you actually believe that the government of Quebec will help you? Not at all. In Quebec, you don’t have rights or even services! You might think that you do have rights.. but actually, nobody is responsible of nothing in Quebec.

As for the services, until you ask them … you won’t know that it s all bullshit their agencies. The governments don’t want everything to be justify their existante.

Let me show you an great example of their shit..

In Quebec, you have what they call ” the protecteur du citoyen” (citizen protector)… i did contacted them a lot of time. They never wanted to help me. They never even believed my story. They just laugh at me like; Marianne Gauthier.

Listing to her… …

Well, nevermind them.. they don’t help nobody.. it s just an illusion… of services!

In Quebec, we also have the “Commission of Human Rights”…

Do you think they will help you?

One of their main purpose is “human rights”…

And guess what.. they are about “Discrimination”…. see…

The Human Rights commission in Qc is an independant ( yeah right! ) agency of the Quebec Government… And they are at the entire services to all citizen witch their rights are violated!

Well, in July 2015, i contacted them to ask them help!

here is my original email send on July 4th 2015 to the Human Rights Commission Agengy of Quebec…

As you see, i even told them about Godaddy ( I am Ben Deschenes)…

I also showed them more attachments… I told them i knew about frauds been done on internet by organise crime.

I also told them that i wasn’t able to get access to a justice ( no lawyer wants to help ).. We are in July 2015.. don’t forget!

i also told them about the corrupt Quebec Provincial Police…

I explained them that i complaint to the “police deontologie”..because the police is discriminating and lying to protect their dishonest reputation!

I also show them attachment with Daniel Negari’s ceo of XYZ and owner of “”… where i am slandered. i Also tell them that i can proofs that he leaders of internet are into fraud…

I tell them about my problems finding a lawyer. I even tell them about the lawyer “Alexandre Hebert” who told me to find a psychiatrist after i asked him help!

Alexandre Hebert was protected by the corrupted syndic(ate) of Quebec ‘s BAR.

I also told them about involved in the fraud… I told them about Kevin Ham…

I even told them that the lawyer and ex-ombudman of ICANN; Chris Lahatte has been lying and trying to put the blame on me..

i also told them that the BAR of Quebec is violating my rights to have access to a lawyer…

I also tell them about “” and “” ( i am Ben DEschenes)…

I also told them al this was related to Organise crime and the authorities are abusing of me and violating my rights!

I tell them that there is a lot of corruption in the internet industry..

I also them they are violating my rights to protect people in Washington D.C.

I tell them that the authorities are putting their faces in the sand ( to now to see all the corruption)…

So, what did the “Human Rights Commission of Quebec” ?

They send me a letter telling me they can’t do nothing about it!

The letter was sent by “Josee Drouin” on July 7th 2015.

Here is their letter advising me they can not help me. it s dated July 7th 2015 by Josée Drouin!… ( remember her name)…

Well, Josée Drouin even tell me to contact the corrupt BAR of QC to see about the insult of the lawyer ; Alexandre Hébert! We will get back to it later.. and show you the Syndic(ate) of the BAR is really dishonest as well!

So, do you believe that the Human Rights commission of Quebec would be helping you? Get real! they don’t!

I had also contact the Human Rights Commission of Quebec on other times.. each time, i was told.. NO help here!

Even a third employee told me the same bullshit… No help here!

Here name was Diana Durand

I even went back to her with more arguments to provide me help that i had been asking since 2011 … still no help from them..

and again.. and still no help!…

If you did notice, basically, they send all the same Pre-made email… and they do specify that they actually did read your email with great attention.. really?

BTW, do your remember who did answered to my first request? It was “josée Drouin”.. ( read back up)

Gess what? They still don’t want to help me.. and they still send out the same pre-made email!

i contacted them earlier today… same shit!

And notice, i do specify in the email subject that it is a complant against the corrupt BAR of QC…

They don’t help you what so ever! That is how the corruption keep rolling in Quebec.. protect themselves between themselves! Get it? Those same people make laws for them so the poor will obey them! They don’t apply the laws the same way to others. The laws are make to protect them and have a better control on citizen! They are full of bullshit!

So, i asked Josée Drouin to tell me who can help me? I am still waiting for her pre-made answer!

I also asked their Vice-prensident ; Philippe-André Tessier to ell tell me who can ask me…

BTW, Philippe-André Tessier is an active member at the BAR association…

Well, i wrote to himPhilippe-André Tessier asking him who then could help me to sues the BAR of QC for abuse of power and for discrimination!

I hear the Human Rights Commission do protect citizen aigainst discrimination… except for me!

Quebec is the most corrupted province in Canada since 1867 .. Please boycott the province of Quebec.

You might also contact the Commission and ask them if they are useful or useless?

BTW, Marc Bellemare is an ex-minister of justice who got sued by the prime minister of Quebec; Jean Charest.. ,whos is been protected by the corrupted justice!

Well, Marc Bellemare ‘s wife is Lu Chan, an ex-head of the BAR who is accusing the actual head of the BAR of stealing over $500,000 with others members of QC ‘S Board members.

Welcome to Quebec, the most corrupted province in Canada!

BTW, they had been covering all the internet corruption since 2011. Blame them with ICANN!